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UCLA Researchers Explain Obscure Heat Transfer Mechanism

UCLA researchers and their colleagues have discovered a new physics principle governing how heat transfers through materials, and the finding contradicts the conventional wisdom that heat always moves faster as pressure increases. The researchers, including Profs. Yongjie Hu and Abby Kavner, detailed their discovery in a study to be published in the December 15 issue of Nature.

James Rosenzweig
Prof. James Rosenzweig wins prestigious award

Prof. James Rosenzweig has been awarded the 2022 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize for 2022. This prize is awarded every two years at the eponymous conference. It is the highest recognition available in the field, which is engaged in the search for very high field acceleration techniques based on lasers, plasmas, and intense charged particle beams. This research is seen as critical to the future of discovery at the particle physics energy frontier, and the development of new coherent, laser-like X-ray sources. Physics and Astronomy departmental faculty are highly engaged in this enterprise; for example, Prof. Warren Mori is a previous winner. The citation for Prof. Rosenzweig’s award is“For his seminal and pioneering contributions at the nexus of advanced accelerators, light sources, and beam physics.”


Prof. Alex Kusenko named associate editor of prestigious physics journal 

The Reviews of Modern Physics is a quarterly peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1929, and is a world-leading physics review journal covering all fields of physics. It is currently the most highly cited Physical Review publication.

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Olga Radko, founder of the UCLA Math CircleLos Angeles Math Circle renamed the UCLA Olga Radko Endowed Math Circle

Radko was the founder of this successful, free math enrichment program for K-12 students. She died of ovarian cancer in June 2020 at the age of 45. In her honor, every gift made to the Math Circle up to $250,000 will be matched one-to-one through June 30, 2021.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department to receive $4.1 million

The gift from adjunct professor Lawrence W. Harding, Jr. is the  largest in the department’s history. It establishes the Lawrence Harding Endowed Chair to support a faculty member with expertise in oceanography, an area of study critical to life on Earth.