Resources for remote learning and wellbeing

Science and technology have never been more critical. UCLA and the Division of Physical Sciences are working hard to offer many resources for our students and faculty to continue education at the level of excellence with which UCLA is known. A list of these resources is below and will be continually updated as new services and initiatives are announced.

Campus-Wide UCLA Resource:

UCLA Library Toolkit:

All of these instructional resources are available online. Please note that off-campus access to UCLA Library’s licensed resources requires connecting via the VPN/Proxy Server.

Online Teaching & Learning Tools

  • The Center for Education, Innovation, and Learning in the Sciences (CEILS) has created a page of resources to prepare students and faculty for remote learning.
  • CEILS has also provided week-by-week resources for instructors, including Zoom tutorials, pedagogy guidance, virtual drop-in sessions, and much more.
  • The UCLA Student Guidebook created by Student Affairs features a collection of educational resources, recommendations, advice, and support services from across the university.
  • Jove Video Journal provides instructional videos covering an expanse of scientific disciplines. An excellent option for covering laboratory methodologies.
  • Sage Research Methods offers terminology, examples, and strategies for research study design. The platform includes datasets by discipline for teaching.
  • ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication is a terrific resource for those building scientific communication skills. The resource discusses OA, preprints, the peer review process, and scientific style conventions.
  • If you’re looking for case studies, tutorials, or assignment possibilities beyond an online quiz, check out Access EngineeringAccess Medicine, or Access Neurology. These platforms provide integrated tutorials, study tools, and multimedia features.
Chemistry-Specific Learning Tools
  • BACON (Biology and Chemistry Online Notes) provides tutorials on Organic Chemistry and more to make learning more accessible.
  • Backside Attack is an educational app targeting students who are learning organic chemistry for the first time.

Remote Collaboration Tools and Resources

  • Zoom Video Communications provides audio/web and video-conferencing in a simple, easy-to-use format. Click here to download the app. 
  • Box is a University-approved, secure method to store and share documents online. Create files and folders, share them using a direct link, and invite both UCLA and external team members to collaborate. Box is easily accessible from anywhere, on smartphone, tablet, or your computer.
  • Slack is a collaboration hub to help you and your team work together.
  • Webex Teams is an online team collaboration tool for video conferencing, online meetings, and screen sharing.

Center for Education, Innovation, and Learning in the Sciences Guides

Resources for Computation & Data Analysis

  • The UCLA Quantitative Biology Collaboratory Program publishes materials for several of their workshops on their website and YouTube channel. The Collaboratory also provides consultation services in high-throughput biomedical data analysis, and research support.
  • The Library Data Science Center links to a variety of online resources around data collection, data manipulation, data visualization and statistical analysis strategies.

TA and Graduate Student-Specific Resources

Stress & Anxiety Reducing Resources

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