International Observe the Moon Night

October 5, 2019 at UCLA

IOTMN 2019 was our best ever, with 700 to 800 attendees coming up to the roof of the Math Sciences building between 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. Under perfect skies, visitors were able to use six different telescopes to view the Moon, Jupiter (with all four Galilean satellites neatly aligned) and Saturn (with rings). In addition, samples of lowland and highland dust from Apollo and a large lunar meteorite were on hand, as well as various Apollo artifacts (courtesy Mike Rich). A continuous loop movie projected on the side of a dome attracted a lot of interest, as did a non-stop Q&A aided by an interactive digital Moon. A “selfie-yourself on the Moon” backdrop was also popular. Most visitors attended every station, some returning for another look through the same telescope or to ask another question with a scientist. Basically, an unqualified success.

IOTMN 2019 Staff:

Han Bao
Ariel Graykowski
Akash Gupta
Tyler Horvath (the new Tyler) Zesen Huang
David Jewitt
Elisha Jhoti
Jing Li
Emmanuel Masongsong Dave Milewski
David Paige
Tyler Powell
Michael Rich
Lior Rubanenko
Francisco Spalding-Astudillo Sophie Taylor
Maria Vincent

We will welcome volunteers next year to help make IOTMN 2020 even better. For more info click here or go to the EPSS website here.

By David Jewitt and pictures by Jing Li, Emmanuel Masongsong and David Jewitt