Honors & Awards

Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1780 and currently has 4,000 members nationwide and 600 foreign honorary members. Members are elected as leaders in their fields to contribute to the Academy's independent policy research and the study of emerging problems. Twenty-six faculty in UCLA's Division of Physical Sciences have been elected as members to this distinguished academy of experts.

2012  Russel Caflisch 

2012  Thomas Liggett  

2010  Andrea Louise Bertozzi  

2009  Eric E. Becklin 

2009  William M. Gelbart 

2009  Stanley J. Osher 

2009  Terence Tao 

2007  Joan Valentine 

2007  Edward Wright 

2005  David Jewitt  

2004  Andrea Ghez 

2003  David Eisenberg 

2002  Kendall N. Houk 

2001  Paul H. Roberts 

2001  Gerald Schubert  

1998  Margaret Kivelson 

1995  Raphael Levine 

1990  James William Schopf 

1986  Mostafa El-Sayad 

1985  Richard Dickerson 

1985  Heinz Otto Kreiss 

1986  C. Kumar N. Patel  

1975  Frederick Hawthorne 

1969  Vladimir Keilis-Borok 

1968  Paul Boyer   

1965  Leon Knopoff