Honors & Awards

Members of the National Academy of Sciences

Twenty-six members of the National Academy of Sciences call UCLA's Division of Physical Sciences home. The National Academy of Sciences is a non-profit organization providing expert advice on some of the world's most critical challenges. The National Academy of Sciences is the nation's leading provider of objective information on science, engineering and health. Members from UCLA contribute to groundbreaking reports that shape policy, inform the public, and advance scientific knowledge.

Sabeeha Merchant, 2012

T. Mark Harrison, 2011

Edward L. Wright, 2011

Kendall N. Houk, 2010

Juli Feigon, 2009

Thomas M. Liggett, 2008

Terence Tao, 2008

Lennart Carleson, 2006

Wayne Hubbell, 2005

David Jewitt, 2005

Stanley Osher, 2005

Robert Steinberg, 2005

Joan Valentine, 2005

Andrea Ghez, 2004

James McWilliams, 2002

Gerald Schubert, 2002

Margaret Kivelson, 1999

Raphael Levine, 1999

William J. Schopf, 1998

David Eisenberg, 1989

Elihu Abrahams, 1987

Richard Dickerson, 1985

Mostafa El-Sayed, 1980

Lloyd Shapley, 1979

Howard Reiss, 1977

C. Kumar Patel, 1974

Frederick Hawthorne, 1973

Paul Boyer, 1970

Leon Knopoff, 1963