Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker

Pritzker family's $20M gift to UCLA targets environment and other societal challenges

The charitable foundation of Los Angeles philanthropists Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker has donated $20 million to UCLA to create several endowments, largely to support environmental and sustainability research aimed at helping Los Angeles and cities around the globe confront 21st-century challenges.

UCLA's Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) will receive $15 million from the multifaceted gift, which will establish up to five faculty chairs, including a $5 million endowed Pritzker Distinguished Chair in Environment and Sustainability. The donation will also endow a center for urban sustainability that will focus research on the vital challenge of creating more sustainable cities. Finally, the IoES will become home to the $100,000 Pritzker Sustainability Prize, which will support the creation of new technologies and initiatives that allow humanity and nature to thrive.

The $20 million gift also provides a $3 million endowment for grants to UCLA students who are or were in foster care. The endowment will help foster youth focus on their studies by providing funding to cover the kinds of unexpected financial needs that, for other students, are often paid for by parents or family....

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