Luke Vellotti

14-year-old math, chess prodigy enrolls at UCLA

Become a member of the highly competitive United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad team? Check.

Become America's top-ranked chess player under the age of 15? Check.

Become the youngest person ever to take for-credit classes at Boise State University? Check.

And now, how about — at age 14 — earning a full four-year scholarship and enrolling at UCLA? Yep, Luke Vellotti has done it. Check and checkmate.

The youngster from Boise, Idaho, who also plays piano and swam competitively, is ready to take his place as a member of UCLA's Class of 2017. When classes begin Sept. 26, he’ll be joined by his 18-year-old brother, Carl, and more than 5,700 other first-year students, and more than 22,000 transfer and returning undergraduates.

Luke, a chess international master and National Advanced Placement Scholar, is one of about 20 younger-than-usual students who have enrolled at UCLA over the past decade...

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