Ed Young

Ed Young, Ph.D.:

"From Past to Present, How Rare IS Earth?"
Ed Young, Ph.D. / Professor of Geochemistry & Cosmochemistry, Department of Earth and Space Sciences and Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics

How did the Earth come into existence? Where did the rock-melting heat come from? As it cooled, how did its oceans appear? The Kepler mission has found a huge amount of distant suns that have planets orbiting them within the habitable zone. But how likely is it that the conditions for life are "just right"?

Professor Young's projects range from the origins of the solar system to identifying isotopic biosignatures here on Earth. His lab's tools are mass spectrometers, ultraviolet and infrared lasers, ion exchange resins, telescopic observations of young stars, and presses for squeezing and heating rocks to immense pressures and temperatures.

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